It may or may not have occurred to many people that Crystal Delta products are branded using bird names. If it has, and you’ve on occasion ruminated on the possible reasoning behind it, then in this post you will get to find out if you were in any way close in your supposing. And if it hasn’t, but you are now curious to find out what story lies behind our choice for branding, then please read on. We hope that our way of thinking, and our style of storytelling will further endear us to you, or at least will have you think of us as a company of people that think things through.
The Choices
When it comes to branding, it’s always good to set a theme. Not as important when the organization is rallied around a single product, but when the plan is to have multiple products, having a theme that ties them all together goes a long way.
In choosing our theme we wanted something that would give us many options, and if this was the sole reason for going with bird names then it would’ve been a good choice: Many years would pass before we ran out of bird names. But is that enough? Surely we’d be equally covered if we went with almost any group of animals, or plants, or minerals; So why birds?
Birds and Humans
Humans have had a fascination with birds for as long as we’ve been capable of being fascinated. These life forms, more than any other, feature in our past and present culture as symbols, metaphors, and even gods. A bird in flight is a common metaphor for freedom, a white dove a symbol for peace, and the pantheons of ancient Egyptian, and American Indian populations, featured birds as gods.
  • Most countries and indeed states in the world will have national and state birds, alongside a plant, tree, and/or flower. The same can not be said for other animal groups.
  • When it comes to the national flags of the world, out of 195 sovereign nations, 21 feature an animal, and of those 15 are birds.
  • Of the 16 teams within the Australian Football League, 5 of them are named after birds: Adelaide Crows, Collingwood Magpies, Sydney Swans, Western Australian Eagles, and Hawthorn Hawks. The only notable recurring theme in the league.
So if the abundance of name choices and the cultural significance of birds were the two keystone reasons, that would be foundation enough for our choice. But there’s a little more to it than that.
How We Move Forward

Crystal Delta is in its name. We didn’t just pick it from a list of available dot com domain names. It represents a weighed and considered choice by the cadre of people that make up this company: By asking ourselves “What kind of company do we want to be?”

We want to be, and be recognised as, the company that helps move things forward. It is the intended and deliberate by-product of our products. So what do birds have to do with moving forward?

Back in 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) released a new celestial objects classification guideline, the result of which downgraded Pluto to the status of a Dwarf Planet. This simple act seemed to capture the attention and eyre of many people around the world, and at the time we heard and read proclamations of defiance and denial. “Who are these people to decide if Pluto is a planet or not?” Well, the same ilk of people that came up with the term Planet in the first place.
Throughout the ages it’s been the astronomers and astrophysicists that have been diligently observing the Universe. Once there was a time when there was the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the stars; Then careful observation one day placed our own Sun in the same company as all other stars. Of course we could’ve just continued to have a special category just for our Sun, but that kind of thinking holds us all back.
Similar to the redesignstion of Pluto, a much more significant moment occurred in the world of scientific taxonomy. This one however snuck a little under the radar as I suppose the general media didn’t find it interesting enough. Or perhaps the idea has been successfully drip-fed into the public’s consciousness through popular culture over an extended period.
Thanks to our ever increasing knowledge and understanding of DNA, and the immense stockpile of dinosaur fossils, biologists recently discovered that animal life has fewer categories than the biologists of decades and centuries past were able to observe. Among the Cordata, where there were once Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals; We now know that birds are reptiles. For millennia of observation they were a group unto themselves, and now the things we’ve been looking at, the object of our fascination, and the subject of our envy, has taken on a new role.
The New Symbol
Birds now represent our collective need to continually learn and re-evaluate. Something we are big fans of at Crystal Delta. What knowledge we have today is important, but not as important as what new knowledge we gain tomorrow. We can no longer make the wholesale claim that the dinosaurs are extinct. Many species of dinosaurs did indeed become extinct around the end of the Cretatios period, but their feathered strain thrives millions of years since.
This is why we have chosen Birds for our Brands. Beyond wanting our products to be symbolic, to fascinate consumers, and to be the envy of our competitors; We want our products and our company to be as resilient, and to move people to continuously learn and re-evaluate established thinking.
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