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Plant Based Medicine Provider


Health Care and Social Assistance


  • Platform + Software Engineering
  • Consulting + Strategy + Architecture
  • Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation​
  • Risk + Compliance + Security
  • Data + Insight
  • Regional Squads

Transforming Operations for a Leading Plant Based Medicine Provider

Our client, a prominent Australian Plant-Based Medicine Provider, partnered with Crystal Delta to revolutionise their healthcare operations. Together, we created a custom online medical Practice Management Software, featuring online bookings, payment, a consultation calendar, doctor/patient consultation notes, and a prescribing module with Federal Government’s ePrescribing integration.

Their objectives also included designing an ERP solution to efficiently manage inventory, support pharmacists and doctors, and ensure a seamless supply chain. Additionally, we developed a patient-friendly platform for medicinal product ordering and delivery to enhance accessibility and streamline the ordering process, resulting in timely deliveries.

To optimise their business, our client required a robust warehousing solution to manage inventory efficiently, align supply with market demand, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Value solution

When the client sought to expand and streamline their operations, they chose Crystal Delta as their strategic partner. The objective was clear: to accelerate growth, improve operational efficiency, reduce manual effort, and enhance data management for increased revenue with a technical partner.

Crystal Delta’s extensive technical expertise and industry experience played a pivotal role in the selection of a technical partner. Our expertise in Platform + Software Engineering, Risk + Compliance + Security, and Data + Insights was pivotal for the project’s success.

Crystal Delta’s regional squads provided a dynamic approach for rapid development, efficient resource allocation, and a flexible response to evolving operational needs.

With this foundation, Crystal Delta developed a Practice Management System with ePrescribing, an Online eCommerce and Ordering System, a Supply Chain Management System, and a Warehouse Management System. These solutions leveraged our proficiency in platform development and data engineering, ensuring reliability and scalability for the organisation’s operations.

Backed by Crystal Delta’s agile methodologies and our ‘Build to run’ approach, this collaboration transformed the organisation’s capabilities, showcasing the transformative power of Crystal Delta’s expertise.

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  • Developed Practice Management System with ePrescribing.

  • Created an efficient Online eCommerce and Ordering System.

  • Established a robust Supply Chain Management System.

  • Implemented a Warehouse Management System for streamlined operations.

  • Achieved efficiencies through reduced manual record-keeping.

  • Enhanced data management for improved operations.

  • Successfully launched a new online practice.

  • Served over 250,000 consultations and prescriptions in the initial years.

  • Achieved remarkable revenue growth of 20,728% within the first three years.

Our valued client shared: “Our business is currently going through a rapid growth phase. The last few weeks we have achieved 50% week-on-week growth. After implementing the new email reminder functionality, we have achieved 350% growth in our business! The changes we are making are having a real impact to our business.”

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