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Crystal Delta launches “Smarter Education” platform, Open Learning Cloud Intelligence

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Date: Tuesday, 9th July, 2019
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Crystal Delta launches “Smarter Education” platform, Open Learning Cloud Intelligence

Crystal Delta Webinar Series – Episode 4

On Friday 19th October 2018 at 10:30am Crystal Delta ran and recorded Episode 4 of our Webinar Series focused on the trend of Learning Transformation at Australian universities.

Birds of a Feather Brand Together

It may or may not have occurred to many people that Crystal Delta products are branded using bird names. If it has, and you’ve on occasion ruminated on the possible reasoning behind it, then in this post you will get to find out if you were in any way close in your supposing. And if it hasn’t, but you are now curious to find out what story lies behind our choice for branding, then please read on.

Blockchain in Wealth Management

Blockchain in Wealth Management

Blockchain is making tomorrow brighter for wealth and asset management operations at banks. The distributed ledger based nature of the blockchain helps in managing identity, control fraud, deliver services and regulate automation. Blockchain is providing a better way forward to manage high quality data labelling, security concerns and intellectual property rights.

Treasury Management Systems and Technology: Better and Faster

Treasury Management Systems and Technology: Better and Faster

In house banks is the new trend for global enterprises and it is evolving to a common financial model. Enterprises have been going towards ASP  and SaaS models as the providers for free accounting, tax, payments, banking and other services deployed on the cloud are competing with corporate treasury management systems. On a daily basis, treasury management and cash management is handled by organisation’s treasury staff, controller or comptroller.

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