A New Age of Automation

has Begun


with the latest release of Crane intelligent automation for course migration

Crane is the world’s most advanced automated course migration application, and yet it is also the most cost effective.

Latest Developments

Our latest release of Crane includes a groundbreaking development in course migration automation: Customers now have the option to automate the uplift of courses on their way to the new LMS. This new feature will save months of manual transformation work, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Migration managers and operators now have the ability to specify a target template when adding courses in Crane’s user-friendly self-service portal. Templates can be applied to individual courses, or applied to groups of courses, and via the bulk upload option.

Templates are in HTML format, but the best way to build your target templates is with Loree.

From many sources, to many targets

Works with LMS APIs, Common Cartridge export files, and custom integrations

Crane works best when a LMS has the APIs to support direct migrations. These include Blackboard Learn and Ultra, Canvas, and Brightspace.

Others may support exporting courses in the common cartridge format, and elsewhere we develop custom integrations.

With the latest feature for automated uplift of courses using a target template, Crane will uplift the course contents to make it “Ready to Learn”.

Even if you have already migrated, Crane can use the same LMS as both Source and Target, and perform automated uplift of courses in place.

Features Overview

Cloud Based

Crane is a cloud-native solution built as a highly threaded application that can scale to handle any volume of courses


Allows course content managers to migrate and uplift courses via a user-friendly interface

API Integration

Crane talks to all the more popular and contemporary LMSs via their APIs, simplifying migration


Crane generates a report for every course migrated capturing any errors encountered

Course Uplift

Crane automates course uplift via an intelligent templating system, allowing per-course templates

Mass Migration

Crane can scale up to handle large volumes of courses: Tested at 2,500 courses per day

All this at the industries best per-course price,

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