Is Your School Ready for What’s Coming Next?

Most schools aren’t, as most systems are a product of the past and focused on the present.

Myna is a completely new, written from the ground up, system for managing schools, students, learning, and communication. Ready for the 21st century and the direction in which learning and scholastics are heading as the education sector undergoes a revolution all over the globe. This is why we refer to Myna as an Education Management System (EMS).


Save money by making your school more efficient.


New tools to engage better and improve results.


Discover pathways for better learning and growth.


Connect with the school. See how your child is doing.

When you are a Myna school you are ready for what’s coming next in Education.

Be more cost effective, get better results whilst adhering to the state curriculum, provide professional development for educators, enable learning pathways for students, and communicate better with parents and the broader community. Do all of this while keeping your information safe secure.

Check the Myna website for additional details. If you’d like to have a discussion about getting your schools to use Myna, contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting.

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