Crystal Delta sponsors D2L Fusion ‘Imagineers of Tomorrow’ July, 2021!

Join us as we sponsor D2L’s virtual Fusion program that includes sessions of interest to K-12, higher education, and corporate learning audiences. This virtual conference is over six days between July 13 – 22nd.

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Course Design Tools for Hybrid Learning

We’ve survived the immediate need to create a virtual learning experience, but how do we revert back to hybrid learning? Join us as we delve into the benefits of tools that make course design a hybrid reality.

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EdTech Innovations

We’re here to show that the power of technology and education makes the world go round. EdTech innovations brings together our expertise and experience to build products that solve our client’s biggest education challenges.


Modernise Learning

Meet the all-in-one learning platform to empower faster, easier, and better learning for online short courses.


Engaged Learning

Meet Loree the teacher-focused tool that empowers educators and learning designers to swiftly build course content in minutes.


Actionable Intel

The all-powerful Learning Insights and Experience Platform (LIXP) that helps educators improve learning outcomes.


Course Migration

Crane is the world’s most advanced automated course migration application, and yet it is also the most cost effective.

Join your Fellow Pioneers at Fusion 2021!