Modern Financial Systems for Startups and Beyond

Many financial services startups have approached us to assist with productizing their offer. Here are the different ways we’ve contributed:

Team Augmentation

This is the easiest way for a startup to speed up their development, or temporarily add skills that are difficult to find in the marketplace or not required for the long term.

Discrete Pieces

Often the startup has Crystal Delta build a discrete piece of their offering, e.g. Analytics dashboard, reporting system, automation, or mobile app.

Tech Partnership

This option is chosen by few, but it yields the best outcomes. In this model Crystal Delta takes ownership of all development and tech operations.
We have a range of skills from which any financial startup of well established institution can benefit from. In some cases, we bring coaching and methodology, and in other we bring cutting edge knowledge.
Agile Coaching
We assist with transforming projects from waterfall to agile methodology.
Data & Analytics
Without the right data framework, the business cannot obtain useful insights.
DevOps Practice
We bring in our DevOps skills and toolchain to streamline project delivery.
Integration Systems
We can get all the different components talking to each other, efficiently.
Architecture & Planning
Sometimes we are just needed at the beginning to help design a strong foundation.
UI/UX Design
Interfaces matter. A product is only as useful as the users find it usable.
And there’s the leading edge tech:


We are working internally and with financial partners to bring about paradigm shifts in complex systems, through the implementation of blockchain technology.

Machine Learning

Keeping all the data is important, but its what can be learned from the data that has the greatest potential. We are changing databases from mostly static, to the very active.


Artificial intelligence in user facing systems is the key to creating individualised customer experiences. Sounds like just a lot buzzwords, but it is the next frontier.

Most of our senior staff have worked at major banks on very large and complex systems

Which is why we are able to understand all that legacy complexity and re-platform systems using modern techniques and technologies. Banking systems we have recently worked on include:

Online Banking

Online banking systems are some of the more complex online systems that are in wide consumer use. These systems are critical in terms of customer satisfaction, information security, and financial risk. Balancing discipline and speed of delivery is how we’ve made online banking projects successful.

Core Banking Platforms

Most banks are moving away from legacy mainframe-based core banking systems to more modern off-the-shelf products. Though there are ready made products, there are many components and modules, and potentially many integration points. Our architecture and DevOps methodology can simplify the transformation.

Big Data and Reporting

More and more, banks are discovering the importance of using data to support decision making. We have worked on many separate projects at various banks to enable real time access to data to produce meaningful reports. We have both the database expertise and are versed in business driver reporting.

New Payments Platform

A critical deliverable for all Australian banks, the New Payments Platform enables personal account funds transfer within a minute. We have worked across many aspects of delivery for this key piece of banking business infrastructure, from architecture and design, to data integration, reporting, and analytics.

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