Building Better Learning

We like to think about LMS' as the "Sun" of your learning ecosystem. Surrounding your LMS, we offer several support services, tools and solutions to make learning more productive, efficient, engaging and successful for your learners.

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Learnscape Innovations

We're here to show that power of technology + education makes the world go round. Learnscape innovations brings together our expertise and experience to build education products that solve our client's biggest Learnscape problems.


Modernise Learning

Meet the all-in-one learning platform to empower faster, easier, and better learning for online short courses.

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Engaged Learning

Meet Loree the teacher-focused tool that empowers educators and learning designers to swiftly build course content in minutes.

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Actionable Intel

Meet OLCi the all-powerful Learning Insights and Experience Platform (LIXP) that helps educators improve learning outcomes.

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Crane Course Migration

Crystal Delta's Course Migration Service, Crane, enables institutions to smoothly transition from one LMS to another. By replacing manual, time-intensive migration processes, with Crane automation you'll not only expertly and swiftly move course content between LMS' but migration experts can work with academic staff to 'uplift' content to provide better learning experiences from day one.

Course Building And Delivery

We bring together design and technology to rapidly design, build and deploy engaging online course content. We work with schools, vocational and higher education providers, to create responsive, accessible and interactive content to ensure course materials are relevant and engaging for all types of learners.

Custom LTI And App Development

Each education institution relies on a number of systems for administrative and education purposes. Ultimately, there are benefits from integrating these systems with your LMS or each other for more streamlined operations and improving learning outcomes. We’ve worked on SIS, ERP, CRM and Web Portal LTI dev.

Course QA Wizards

Our Course QA service has been used by institutions to review and assess the quality of course content in their LMS. There are four key activities our QA team perform Quantitative Analysis, Create Content Standard, Report Findings and Upgrade Content.

Transformation And Learning Continuity

Now more than ever, Learning Continuity is at the forefront of what we do, we work with our clients to assist with developing and implementing LCP services. We help with strategy and planning, Cloud Services and Remote Access via the Cloud.

Need Help With Your LMS?

No worries. We’ve been known to travel across LMS solar systems. So far we’ve navigated and delivered solutions across several solar systems.