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Delivery Excellence

Everyone at Crystal Delta employs the concept of Extreme Ownership to achieve delivery excellence. Around this principle we came together to form Crystal Delta: A company that aims to be Clearly Different from others the industry.


The best way to exemplify our philosophy of Delivery Excellence is by applying it to products delivery. Products that solve problems other’s haven’t thought to solve yet. Be they our products or yours.

Client Services

The same tool chain and the same value chain we use internally, is on offer to other companies. Our Client Services are a way for us to showcase our abilities, whether it the domains of Consulting or Product Development.

Being clearly different does not mean being wildly different or opposite of others, rather the difference would not need to be explained and would be self apparent from how we conduct ourselves. Be it a small piece of work assisting an entrepreneur with a startup app or a global enterprise class project.

Client Services

Technology Consulting

Information Architecture

A service that is often at the beginning of most projects, or should be. Crystal Delta can lend its experience in shaping strategies, solution architecture, mapping business requirements to solution components, writing functional and non-functional requirements. And as the project moves on Crystal Delta consultants can assist with Information Lifecycle Management initiatives, reporting and analytics platforms.

After all, we are living in the information age and we work in the information technology industry.

Integration Architecture

Organisations operating complex or sometimes not so complex systems often devolve into a veritable rat’s nest of integration points. Attempting to upgrade or replace a single system can bring the whole environment down. Organisations that know this spend months sifting through all the knots, meanwhile the competition is moving forward.

So whether it’s streamlining your existing integration jumble, or delivering a greenfield environment, having Crystal Delta assist you with designing your integration framework will make make sure your business applications landscape delivers results today and well into the future.

Infrastructure Architecture

The right kind of business applications work best when they run on top of the right kind of infrastructure. Crystal Delta consultants have years of experience in both traditional and modern infrastructure platforms.

You may manage your own data centre, co-host in a shared data centre, or you may have entirely deployed your applications in the cloud. Either way there is still plenty of work that goes into managing and maintaining infrastructure. Crystal Delta consultants excel at selecting and deploying the right types of environment delivery and lifecycle tools and methodologies like Continuous Delivery. Three, four, five, or even six nines; If you have the budget we can deliver infrastructure that supports your business uptime requirements.

Product Development

Monitoring and Management Tools

Not everyone needs is looking for a full application to be developed. Quite often customers have 80% of the right technology mix already in place and for sorts of reasons are best served with simply extending the existing technologies to serve their own internal or customer requirements.

It is amazing what can be accomplished by writing a utility that monitors this folder or that inbox and then performs a function that turns it into the important glue between two separate technologies. Scripting has been the mainstay for the industry and organisations large and small rely on scripts to perform a wide selection of time or condition triggered events. It won’t revolutionise the industry but it will get more out of the technology you already have.

Web and Mobile Apps

The globe’s thirst for information is growing; They want it available through a variety of channels, they want it instantly, and they want it all the time. And to quench this thirst companies big and small, and entrepreneurs and startups are constantly building the next web or mobile application. Many people have ideas and there are certainly many development shops out there, but CryStal Delta’s development practice is not just another team of developers, they are developers Crystal Delta has specifically chosen to work on its own entrepreneurial ideas, by people who have startup experience and who started as developers themselves.

Whatever your domain: Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Cloud, Social, Gamification, we are actively engaged in developing apps in these areas so the developers have up-to-date skills in these areas.

Enterprise Solutions

This where the developers are focused on enterprise development platform like J2EE and .net. Heavily structured with SOA and high degrees of integration. Rather than hire seasoned enterprise application developers we wanted to inject a fresh look at entrenched paradigms for highly integrated mission critical applications. We kind of got tired of hearing people proclaim”It can;t be done”.

And all of the juniors developers’ work is managed and fronted by senior developers so our clients get the best of both worlds; Highly structured and professional engagement with fresh and smart thinking in the construction of the solution.

From start-ups to blue-chip multinationals, chances are Crystal Delta consultants and developers have worked with an organisation like yours. We’re able to deliver big-business practices to smaller organisations that need scale, as well as being able to deliver small-business agile practices to larger organisations looking for a new competitive edge.

Our Leadership Team

Balaji Baradhazhvar

Balaji Baradhazhvar

Co-Founder and CEO

CEO and co-founder of Crystal Delta, Balaji is a leader with a veritable mountain of experience working with multidisciplinary. Equally at home in business and technology deliverables Balaji has steered the Chennai engineering teams to break the traditional moulds of “off-shore” work. With US, UK, and Australian large enterprise experience from IBM, National Australia Bank, and Telstra.

David Mackenzie

David Mackenzie

Co-Founder and CTO

CTO and co-founder of Crystal Delta, David is a seasoned architect who leads by example. Excelling at custom solutions where often there is some extra mojo required to make off-the-shelf solutions work together. His credibility is further bolstered by the mega projects he has worked on at some of the largest enterprises in Australia, e.g. IBM, National Australia Bank, Telstra.

Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Co-Founder and COO

COO and co-founder of Crystal Delta, Nick is one of the younger members who has done as much as some of the more seasoned ones. An experienced architect that still gets hands-on with the solutions, he has mostly worked with government and large enterprises, e.g. National Australia Bank, IBM, Australian Taxation Office, QLD Government.

Melton Soosai

Melton Soosai

Development Team Lead

Melton heads up our development team training. He has been part of many high performance technical solution teams across the globe (USA, Singapore, India). An experienced senior technologist that is still very hands-on with solutions when he needs to be. Throughout his career he has successfully executed projects at some of the largest enterprises e.g. Deloitte, 3Com.

Eddie Cejvan

Eddie Cejvan

Co-Founder and CSO

CSO and co-founder of Crystal Delta, Eddie brings a broad spectrum of experience to the mix. With experience covering start-ups and all the way up to multi-national enterprises he is most often the one to see the opportunities for change in established technology solutions. Experience includes organisations such as National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Centrelink, and Department of Education.

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