Predictive Analytics + Learning = Better Futures

Open Learning Cloud Intelligence (OLCi) brings next level predictive analytics to Learner engagement, success and satisfaction to enable learning institutions to proactively improve learning outcomes.

Connect Anything. Change Everything.

Radically Different
Learning Analytics

Drive change and improve learning outcomes by proactively identifying at risk students, to ensure every student is successful and reaches their POTENTIAL.

Your Data. Anyway.
Anywhere. Anytime.

We get it, data, especially big data comes from a range of different sources whether it be your LMS, a spreadsheet, voice recordings or databases. OLCi gives you predictive findings in whichever format best suits your needs. You could stay updated via the interactive dashboard, social integrations or the OLCi bot, Penny who can report straight to your Slack feed. Or if this doesn’t quite work OLCi can even integrate to Salesforce, deliver intel via email or Alexia.

If It Can Be Measured.

It Can Be Improved!

Learning interactions and sentiment are measured via advanced learning analytics algorithms to assess challenges, map pathways, and proactively recommend actions to improve learning outcomes.

Learner Retention Management

Early alert systems are used to identify learners at risk and implement support programs to improve learner success.

Learner Engagement Analytics

Understand learner interactions and engagement and adapt LA to improve engagement

Learning Activity (LA) Success

Predictive analytics help identify trends and highlight performance outcomes for Learner success.

Equity Groups & Demographic Data

Streamline enrolment and anticipate prospective learners that are at risk of low success.

Informed Learner Advising

Predictive analytics like Learner Risk Index and RIASEC recommendations can help learners make better choices.

Adaptive Learning

Identify learning gaps and customise to better suit each learner. It can also help educators improve delivery of learning.

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