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Delivery Oversight Tool

Insight is a project delivery visualisation tool that lets you see at a glance the most important information about your project. It helps you focus on the key areas that make the difference between delivering on time and delivering late, and the difference between delivering on budget or with cost overruns.

Education Management System

The Myna education management system is a SaaS portal that enables real-time communication between parents, teachers, students, and school administration. The product is made up of several discrete engines each with multiple modules so it can adapt to all types of education phases and learning styles, or as we call it ‘K-Life’.

Delivery Metrics

The first thing we do is look at how you govern your specific delivery pipeline. It doesn’t matter if it is ‘waterfall’ or ‘agile’ or a hybrid of both, the key is identifying nodes in the delivery network that move things forward. We codify these and enter them in the governance rules for your pipeline. We call it “Governance as Code“.

Data Points

Next we define and create capture mechanisms for the nodes in the “governance code”. Within any organisation these data points can reside in many different communication tools and mediums, e.g. MS Project, Email, Excel spreadsheet, Remedy. With Insight data point modules we monitor these conduits for specific changes; Digging the signal out from the noise.


As you continue to deliver using your existing methodology we can now present a dashboard providing and end-to-end oversight of your project or program of projects. Any time one of the governance rules gets tripped it becomes highlighted on the dashboard. Severity rules will provide heat-map colouring so that critical items are automatically prioritised. Focus on what matters.

The Score

Produce a report at the end of a phase or a cycle and clearly see and communicate where improvements need to be made. The report will highlight and recommend changes in either the governance, the tools, or the delivery methodology. None of these changes happen overnight and often the changes need to be incremental.  Assess, improve, reassess.


Now that you have your delivery process watched and reported by Insight it becomes a lot easier to identify targets for automation. You may not be aiming to establish a complete DevOps capability but you are no doubt looking to improve delivery cycle success. No need to automate everything; Insight allows you to see the Cost vs. Value position for process automation.

Communication Engine

The Communications Engine handles all of the messaging inside and outside of the Myna platform. Unicast, broadcast, or multicast. All text-based messaging including a base block of SMS messages per month are included for free. The voice, video, and professional publications and marketing modules are available as premium options.

Calendar Engine

The Calendar Engine is the beating heart of the Myna platform. The business of education relies on time-based events; When and how long to learn are just as important as what to learn. Individual and shared calendars are included for free. Custom calendars, complex event based processing, and SmartSchool modules are available as premium options.

Knowledge Engine

The Knowledge Engine is the brain of the Myna platform. Today, education is more than just learning, it is knowledge transfer. New tools are needed to teach and test knowledge. Lesson & course planning, submission, testing and evaluation modules are included for free. The on-line learning, tutoring, and plagiarism modules are available as premium options.

Resource Engine

The Resource Engine is where the Myna platform assists the school in commercial management aspects. Manage staff and faculty, substitute teachers, and parent registries. The human resources, and customer relationship management modules are included for free. The work fulfillment, billing & payments, and psychometric testing modules are available as premium options.

Location Engine

The Location Engine provides the Myna platform with spacial awareness. Monitor your address space and geo-tag items. If your school is planning to become a SmartSchool then ‘where’ becomes very important. The weather, traffic, and mapping modules are included for free. The GPS tracking, iBeacons, and SmartSchool modules are available as premium options.

A few more things…

Insight can be applied for a single use to get a delivery capability score card and report, and it can be deployed to continually improve delivery operations. With each type of deployment Crystal Delta consultants analyse your delivery tooling & process, and configure the data points and the project governance rules. We can run it end-to-end or train your own people to run it.

A few more things…

The main offering is hosted in the cloud which makes for quicker and easier on-boarding of schools, but we also offer Myna as an on-premise solution for institutions that require it. Either way, the product aims to assist the industry in making the transition in the midst of much delayed and much anticipated disruption.

With every product we develop we apply our core delivery principles.

Data Driven Design

We avoid making assumptions. There is a wealth of information available out there that allows us to determine how a particular market behaves. We analyse this data and the results guide us into how we position features and how we evolve a product.

Agile Delivery Reduces Cost

Crystal Delta takes its delivery excellence approach to assure that each product we develop meets our own high standards. Our delivery toolchain and DevOps process allows us to bring products to market quickly and iterate frequently.

Integral Cloud Integration

Our toolchain can work with a variety of hosting platforms but we prefer the cloud. In fact many of the tools we use are SaaS offerings hosted in the cloud. The products we choose offer a high level of integration and accessible APIs.

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More Products Are Being Worked On

Being a products driven company we continue to design and develop products to solve problems and make peoples work easier across many different industries. We are tapping into our extensive experience to deliver products for the Financial, Transport and Logistical, Energy and Utility, and Retail industries.