Everything that was once analog, it being transformed into digital. Through this journey we have found that most digital systems have common components, despite the differences in their analog counterparts.

This why at Crystal Delta we say that “there is nothing that our team cannot build”. That statement is both about the talent and skillset in our team, and also about the fact that when things are digital, they are very much alike. Kind of like DNA.

Crystal Delta combines multiple digitisation approaches to enable a rich digital backend:


Crystal Delta starts by mining the data already present. Most organisations are sitting on a mountain of data that can be used as part of their overall digital strategy.


Next, Crystal Delta looks at what can be collected from existing user and channel interactions. Many times the applicable digital information is available inadvertently.


Finally, Crystal Delta fills the gaps in digital information by requesting it from the user, without impacting the UX. Extended context UI is used to minimise user inputs.

The Digital Backend

Crystal Delta constructs a hybrid stack that is the best fit for any company’s digital strategy.


Front end systems with workflow logic and APIs. Rich analytics and dashboard screens.


AWS, Azure, Heroku, and others. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.


Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and others.


Combination of SQL, noSQL and Graph databases.

On Premise

Deploy and integrate in your data centres.

Open Source

Selecting from industry leaders in open source platforms for front and back end systems.

The Digital Frontend

Crystal Delta goes beyond creating a single design that adapts to different screens. We optimise each channel interface to better suit the nature of interaction for that channel.

Every interface design also takes into account digitisation and system-to-system interactions. Our commitment to streamlined User Experiences applies to non-human interactions as well.


At Crystal Delta we are major proponents of DevOps. We apply it internally for our own product development, and we offer the same practice and toolchain to our clients.

We Build to Run, and not just to release. Running a product is where it will truly be tested, essentially the Ops in DevOps. Clients can have us do the Ops, or we can assist internal teams.

Crystal Delta’s Four Pillars of Devops


Comprising the company vision and strategy, product architecture, and functions backlog.


Service management, usage and performance analytics, and operations dashboards.


Comprising source code control, build tools, automated and users testing, and quality control.


Code deployment, environment management, and management of the release pipeline.

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