Student Relationship Engagement System

The Student Relationship Engagement System (SRES) empowers teachers to collect, analyse, and act on data to better engage students, at scale.

SRES Features

Get important data all in one place

You know your students and context the best, so SRES lets you decide what data about your students is important, and then helps you bring these data together so you can act on it.

Customise every aspect of the engagement

Everyone’s learning and teaching context is different. SRES can be customised to work in yours.

Messaging that reads loud and clear

Whether you have 20 or 2000 students, create and send fully personalised and targeted emails and messages to your students, or build a web portal so they can receive personalised feedback and support.

Works for teams, across devices

Teaching teams can enter and see data about their students when and where they need to. SRES saves data securely to the cloud, so say goodbye to scraps of paper.

Engage and relate, personally

SRES exists to augment your teaching powers. Use it to build better teacher-student relationships through personalised communication, and better engage your students through targeted support.

Crafted by teachers,

with teachers,

for teachers

SRES is built by, with, and for teachers. It understands and meets your most pressing needs for engaging students and enhancing their learning and experience, especially in large classes.

Standalone or Integrated

Crystal Delta is the exclusive Australian managed service partner for SRES

In collaboration with the University of Sydney, we offer a simple and straightforward cloud hosted instance of SRES which can be specifically tuned to you’re institutions specific needs.


SRES can be deployed as a standalone solution. It is possible to manage all user roles and access directly within the platform, and all user interaction can be performed directly via the native web-based interface.

Students can be engaged through the build-in emailing system and through sharing manually through other channels.

This is handy if you’re not yet ready to integrate SRES with your existing systems that facilitate student and learning management.


The flexibility of SRES is unleashed when it is integrated with exisitng LMS or SIS solutions. Much of the user management and access controls are facilitated via the APIs available in these systems.

Students can engage directly from the course they’ve enrolled in, on top of all the standalone options and methods.

Futhermore, data from SRES can be integrated with existing reporting systems, or for more advanced function SRES can be combined with OLCi.

(C) Copyright 2021 – SRES is built by a team from the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne.

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