Data + Insight


Analysis and intelligence from extracting, transforming and retaining business information, flexibly and at scale 

Process Automation

Value-driven optimisation of gathering and interacting with business information, via:

  • Digital Forms replacing paper-based systems for information capture
  • Document Capture and Digital Signatures streamlining regulation-focused systems
  • Automated Testing and Quality Control of information inputs
  • Event-driven Architecture when building highly automated bespoke business information systems.

Information Lifecycle Management

Managing information from capture to deletion with key disciplines:

  • Information Applicability – Assuring that the right set of information is made available when and where it is most relevant
  • Information Security – Assuring that applicable information set is available to those with the appropriate level of access
  • Recordkeeping and Compliance – Assuring that the organisation keeps only the pertinent information complying with regulations and legislation

Crystal Delta’s automation and information management practice places Information at the core of the business

Information, both quantity, and quality is a core asset for most organisations. Alignment of processes to information through automation is a key source for increased business success

  • Reduction in cost and processing errors through automation
  • Increase in market competitiveness from quality and timely information capture and processing

Crystal Delta is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable value solutions to our clients through a combination of products, services and practices. 

Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Highly experienced, expert and pragmatic guidance and advocacy at all stages of successful digital evolution

Product + Software Engineering

Core capability, driven by innovation to enable digital transformation and market adaptation

Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation

Increased investment return from optimisation and performance enhancement

Risk + Compliance + Security

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices for long-term growth, value and sustainability

Data + Information Management

Information effectiveness through technology and business optimisation

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