Platform + Software Engineering


Quality, scalable business-critical technology systems delivered in partnership, to specification, on time and on budget 

Agile + DevOps

The product and engineering teams live and breathe the Agile methodology and the DevOps tool-chain. Focusing on:

  • Iterative releases – delivering product value early, and end-user-focused features as needed
  • Integrated and automated delivery pipeline – makes for predictable product delivery with highly automated security and functional testing
  • Feature toggling – allows for features to be turned off and on outside of release windows, and rolled out progressively to select audiences

Micro-services + APIs

Simplifying the product development and maintenance with a flexible and modular approach

  • Service-oriented architecture for componentised delivery
  • Flexible and predictable integration through implementation of APIs


B2B + B2C

Products and engineering for specific consumer scenarios:

  • Data-driven emphasis for internal groups, partners, and wholesale
  • Experience-driven for end-user solutions

Crystal Delta’s product and software engineering practice leverage the in-house product-driven culture to guide customers and engage with their internal teams to accelerate their digital transformation.

  • Reduction in cost through reduction in repetitive work and use of automation in the software delivery pipeline​
  • Increase in market competitiveness by being faster-to-market and customer responsive through Agile feature feedback loops

Crystal Delta is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable value solutions to our clients through a combination of products, services and practices. 

Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Highly experienced, expert and pragmatic guidance and advocacy at all stages of successful digital evolution

Product + Software Engineering

Core capability, driven by innovation to enable digital transformation and market adaptation

Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation

Increased investment return from optimisation and performance enhancement

Risk + Compliance + Security

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices for long-term growth, value and sustainability

Data + Information Management

Information effectiveness through technology and business optimisation

Be Clearly Different.