We are Clearly Different.



A progressive digital company, Crystal Delta is committed to good practice corporate governance and socially responsible global corporate citizenship.

By establishing a solid framework and foundation of rules, relationships, systems and processes, authority is exercised and controlled within and by Crystal Delta.  The framework encompasses the mechanisms by which Crystal Delta, and those in control, are held to account to ensure continued growth and success to meet our commitments consistently.

Our Board is the governing body of Crystal Delta.  It provides oversight within the framework of relevant legislation including the Corporations Act, Constitution and the Board Charter.  Moreover, Crystal Delta respects the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations and has provided a voluntary Disclosure Response and Declaration.

Crystal Delta’s governance practices and structure have been reviewed and continue to be guided by external, independent consultation certified by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Our Board

The responsibilities of the Board include setting and reviewing our strategic direction, monitoring our performance, the appointment of our CEO and deciding on key policy positions to take on behalf of Directors.

Our Board consists of up to 7 directors including an appointed Chair and Secretary. The procedure for the appointment of Directors can be found in our Constitution.

Crystal Delta maintains a Board Composition and Skills Matrix that sets out the mix of skills, diversity, independence and experience of each Director, to understand shortfalls, forecast future needs and rejuvenation, which is reviewed annually.  ICT expertise is assessed against the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) standard.  We are committed to ensuring that our Board composition continues to support our performance goals and conforms to the highest governance standards.

Diversity Policy

Crystal Delta respects and values diversity, and the benefit it brings to enrich our perspective, improve our performance, increase our value, and enhance the achievement of our goals and objectives.

We are Crystal Delta.

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