Why Work With Crystal Delta?

Since 2015, Crystal Delta has helped organisations find simpler solutions to complex problems, by creating learning and digital transformation products that help teams successfully deliver projects and meet their business goals.

Our leadership team met while cutting their teeth in large-scale FinTech projects working at National Australia Bank.

They saw first-hand the challenges that onshore and offshore teams faced in large-scale business transformation projects and decided to apply their talents and experience to further a shared goal.

Our Mission Statement

To empower people to change their professional and personal lives by enabling them to think of new possibilities, supported by our software products, our development services, our passion for innovation, and our extreme ownership philosophy.

Our Front Line Team

Baradhazhvar Balaji

Baradhazhvar Balaji

Chief Executive

Balaji is a leader with a veritable mountain of global experience working with multidisciplinary teams. Equally at home with business and technology deliverables, Balaji spearheaded the development of a unique off-shore model with our Chennai engineering team, that breaks the traditional mould of delivery cost offsetting.
David Mackenzie

David Mackenzie

Chief Technologist

David is a versatile application architect who leads by example. A reputation well deserved and earned on small and extremely large projects at some of the biggest enterprises in Australia. When it comes to delivering outcomes for our clients, he rests easy with a clean conscience knowing he did everything possible, and on occasion the impossible.
Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Chief Engineer

Nick will surprise many with the level and depth of thinking he employs to get to the heart of a problem. The pragmatic governance fostered during his time with state government departments, large enterprises, and with startups and scaleups, he now deploys within our DevOps delivery practices that are praised by our clients.
Mahendra Singh

Mahendra Singh

The Diplomat

Mahendra brings enterprise thinking and a wealth of experience. His career is replete with injecting transformational ideas and practices into the banking and finance industry; From Fiji, through New Zealand, to Australia. Leaving no rock unturned, Mahendra has built a reputation of a no-nonsense, yet patient and methodical business development guru.
Melton Soosai

Melton Soosai

The Trainer

Melton heads up our development team training. Throughout his career he has successfully executed projects at some of the largest enterprises e.g. Deloitte, 3Com. He now drives and participates in development teams delivering solutions for our clients across the globe. A senior technologist that is still very hands-on with solutions when required.
Eddie Cejvan

Eddie Cejvan

The Storyteller

Writer, producer, and problem solver: Eddie has turned the role of “Jack of All Trades” into an art. With experience covering start-ups and up to multi-national enterprises he now brings this experience to bear to identify unique and effective solutions to age old problems. Fluent in legalese and other subtle spoken and unspoken languages.
Here is a list of our clients accompanied with a brief write-up of our contribution

The University of Melbourne has for our LMS migrations services. The unicersity has recently selected Canvas LMS and now has thousands of courses that require migrating from Blackboard to Canvas.  Crytsal Delta will use its Crane LMS Migration tool to automate the migrate and uplift the courses to meet the new content standards.

Being a university that already excells at providing remote learning, the University of South Pacific in Fiji were looking to leverage their experience and provide online courses globally. They selected Crystal Delta as their technology partner to implement and manage  an Open edX based platform for a new class of online courses, certificates, and diplomas. https://learn.uspglobal.usp.ac.fj

Trinity Grammar School is a high performing and long standing K-12 independent boys school with 3 campuses in the greater Sydney area. Trinity Grammar approached Crystal Delta (an Instructure Partner) to have a custom LTI developed to integrate Canvas LMS to Synergetic SIS and provide access for parents to view assessment scores.

National Australia Bank (Nab) has been on a banking platform transformation journey for a decade now. Base din large part on our founders’ history, Crystal Delta has been asked to assist internal teams with rapid application development and cloud focused DevOps uplift. Nab has refocused on growing an internal developer culture, and we’re very proud to be part of it.

RMIT Online is part of RMIT University. RMIT Online is consumer of our products and services for the education space. Our first win came when we used our Crane LMS Migration tool to migrate courses from Blackboard to Canvas in half the projected time. Then we helped RMIT Online with Xenops, our Open edX MOOCs platform, a critical component in the launch of Apple’s Swift Curriculum as part of the global rollout.

RMIT University is a globaly recognised university of technology, design and enterprise. At RMIT we broke all content migration records with our Crane LMS Migration tool and our QA team. We were able to migrate two semesters of courses from Blackboard to Canvas with a month left in the project estimate. Our high performing QA team continues to improve outcomes on various internal projects.

Swinburne Univerity initially engaged us for a massive Blackboard to Canvas LMS content migration initiative with our Crane LMS Migration tool. When Swinburne were looking for 3rd party submissions to develop a custom solution, Crystal Delta won the tender and leveraged its blended onshore/offshore development capability, our advanced DevOps practices, and our Canvas partnership to extend the Canvas product.

The local Melbournian fintech business grew through a wrap product aimed at financial advisors. In order to grow further they needed to productise their unique offering. Not having an existing technology team, Powerwrap opted to partner with Crystal Delta and leverage our product focused DevOps capability. Using our Agile delivery they have received new features and growth enablers each month.
The rise in agentless real estate sales listings in Australia is underpinned by a handful of companies, among them is buyMyplace. Aiming to capture even more attention through a large marketing and advertising campaign they needed to make sure their platform could handle the traffic. They engaged Crystal Delta to quickly assess hotspots, and then rapidly provide quality improvements at a relatively low cost.
The Malaysia-based startup set out to provide a movie and TV show streaming service for the emerging economies not serviced by Netflix. For this they required a robust and scalable cloud hosted media streaming platform. Crystal Delta engineers were able to uplift their entire DevOps development practice and cloud provisioning pipeline, and helped scale to 14 million viewers in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
A new startup based out of New York in 2014 were struggling with their existing outsourced development team. Crystal Delta were able to take over in a very short space of time and speed up development of their iOS and Android apps, which in early 2015 was listed in the Top 10 best designed apps. We also built their analytics backend. BuckitDream formed their own in-house team in L.A. in 2015.
A group of tradespeople contacted us to develop a simple tradie/apprentice connection website. They knew very little about what developing such a site would entail, but they did know they wanted to work with someone local. With Crystal Delta they got the benefit of local people guiding them through the process, but who also have their own offshore team to meet their low budget.

Come Help Us Make Tech Work Better

When you are hired by Crystal Delta, you do not work for us, you work with us. Not to sound too corny, but you become part of a second family.

We’re hiring. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Facebook page where we’ll post new role descriptions.

Perks & Benefits

There are many reasons why it’s cool to be part of the Crystal Delta family.

Here are some of them:

Free Acces to Training

Crystal Delta is building its own Online University and will provide access to a growing number of courses.

Tiered Bonus Program

There are bonuses to be made for self improvement, and for helping Crystal Delta win new business.

Competitive Salary

We believe in fair pay for a fair day’s work. We’re not into exploitation.

Daily Lunch

This one applies only to our Indian office, but in Australia there are many opportunities for good coffee. And sometimes pastries.

The Best Tech

The right tool for the right task. We cannot be about extreme ownership if we don’t make sure we use the top performing tech.

Travel Opportunities

Crystal Delta is already in two countries, and regularly talks to potential clients in New Zealand, USA, and recently Fiji.

Get In Touch

Let us know how we may be of assistance and lets get the conversation going.

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