Create courses effortlessly, and keep your students engaged with interactive pages, smart quizzes, and powerful assessments types. Unlock the power of a world-class Learning Management System, without the complexity & cost.

Augment the Google Classroom experience for your students. Xen.Ed features scale to meet your learning and teaching demands.



Manage Classes
Assign Classwork
Grade Assignments
Documents Repository
Video & Chat


  • Effortlessly craft courses & templates, packed with interactive features + H5P support
  • Build engaging Assessments for your students, using interactives, drag & drop, image-based, and mathematical problems, and more
  • Drive moderated Discussions with course-level forums
  • Embed Microsoft files and Google documents, as well as G-Meet & G-Calendars
  • Use advanced Grading options
  • Collaborate with other tutors

Why Better Together?

The power of Google Classroom and Xen.Ed together, resolves complex issues of holding a classroom virtually and offline. Xen.Ed allows learners to progress at their own pace, while providing tests and assessments to challenge them at every step.

Extend the Google Classroom approach of sharing documents & files, and build engaging content that is both reusable and easy to maintain.

With Xen.Ed, you can impart your own brand into your Classroom.


“The assessment options are… basic.
I would love it if Google Classroom had more testing options. My students find it hard to remain motivated and attentive when all the assessments appear the same and have limited features.”


Xen.Ed provides you with advanced testing capabilities, so you can create interactive quizzes and use many types of assessements which will keep your students engaged.


“Maintaining hundreds of documents & files quickly became cumbersome and I am not looking forward to update these for next year. I wish there was a better way to manage and re-use my learning material.”


With its easy to use and powerful editing capabilities, Xen.Ed allows you to create & maintain all your content in one place, to distribute units of learning between several courses, and run the same courses over and over – so you don’t have to constantly duplicate or re-produce the same material.

The Power of Xen.Ed

Design your own courses & pages

Build courses quickly with Loree our Intuitive drag and drop block-based builder. Include text, video, SCORM, PDF, quizzes, and more.

Deliver blended learning

Integrate face-to-face teaching with your LMS and allow students to join in-person classes online in real-time via Zoom and video conferencing.

Powerful and easy to use

Xen.Ed Studio makes it easy to engage learners with video content, to-do lists, self-assessments, certificates, and much more.

Imprint your
personal “brand”

As a teacher, you have your own approach to learning. Take full control of the learner experience and make it unique for your needs.


Social Learning Tools

Engage your learning community and create opportunities for your learners to network via forums, Slack, Video Conferencing and discussions.


Support 360

We have a 99.95% platform uprate, but can always reach out directly to your Customer Champ or send a smoke signal. We’re ready to help.  

Your Journey Starts Now

There is just so much you can do with Xen.Ed to enable online learning within minutes and start crafting content that will engage your learners.


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