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Eddie Cejvan

Eddie Cejvan

Chief Architect

Eddie is our Chief Architect, he has a unique talent for always seeing the bigger picture, balancing out-of-box thinking with a deep-rooted understanding of how to navigate client delivery processes to ensure we hit the digital summit. He loves making a positive impact in our customers lives by bringing them along the journey as we deliver business-aligned technology solutions. When he is off-duty as a digital adventurer crafting simple technical solutions, you’ll find him watching movies, reading Sci-Fi novels and has several strong outlines which he hopes to turn into novels of his own one day. Cooking is also a favourite activity, but does so sparingly as he often kids his metabolism can’t keep up with his love of food.

Favourite Quote
I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.

We partner with our customers to unravel complex technology problems with a human-centred approach, focused on quality and delivery. We centre our solutions around your business goals and help you to define clear pathways to navigate your next digital adventure.

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