Regional Squads

Regional Squads

We understand the benefits that outsourcing can bring to businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing certain tasks or projects, means access to specialised skills and knowledge, cost reduction, increased efficiency, and remaining flexible.

We pride ourselves on respectfully and positively influencing the diverse social and economic needs of the regions where we and our clients operate.

We are Clearly Different. 

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How Regional Squads can help

Introducing Regional Squads into your team, enables access to specialised skills, gain expert knowledge and increase efficiency.

Value of Regional Squads

  • Access to skilled professionals: Our team has a large pool of highly skilled and educated ICT professionals, many of whom have experience working with international clients. By outsourcing your ICT projects to Crystal Delta, you can access our global talent pool and take advantage of their expertise.
  • Cost savings: Outsourcing ICT services and projects to our Regional Squads can lead to significant cost savings. This can help you reduce your ICT costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Improved efficiency: By outsourcing ICT services and projects to our Regional Squads, you can access a team of professionals dedicated to your project and available to work across timezones. This can help you get your projects completed faster and more efficiently.
  • Time zone advantage: Our Regional Squads are in different time zones, which can be a benefit when it comes to ICT outsourcing. You can have your ICT team working on your projects while you sleep, giving you a head start on your day.

Regional Squads outcomes

Here are a few ways that we help you do things differently through our unique outsourcing models:

  • Leverage outsourcing to drive innovation: We can help you tap into new technologies, ideas, and capabilities that can drive innovation and growth.
  • Embrace a results-based approach: Instead of focusing on inputs and processes, our clients, with our help, can adopt a results-based approach when outsourcing and implementing a new business model. This can help you to focus on what really matters and achieve better outcomes.
  • Adopt a platform-based business model: Platform-based business models, such as sharing economy or gig economy, we can work with you to tap into new revenue streams and create new opportunities for growth.
  • Build strategic partnerships: Through outsourcing, we can help you forge strategic partnerships with other companies and organisations, which can help them and you gain access to new markets, customers, and technologies.
  • Embrace new business models: like outcome-based or value-based contracts, that shift focus on the end result and achievements rather than just the effort.
  • Embrace a lean and agile approach: A lean and agile approach can be crucial when outsourcing and implementing a new business model. With our help, our clients can focus on continuous improvement, experimentation, and adaptability to stay competitive and innovative.
  • Leverage the power of data and analytics: Outsourcing can help you gain access to data and analytics capabilities to help them make better business decisions and gain a competitive edge.
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Our Regional Squad services

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Application development

Our Regional Squads provide custom platform and software application development services to help you explore new frontiers, and build scalable, secure software systems.

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Infrastructure management

Our infrastructure management services include cloud infrastructure design and implementation, data centre optimisation, and network optimisation.

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Technical support

Our Regional Squads provide technical support services to monitor, troubleshoot and help you resolve issues when they arise with your systems and equipment.

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Managed services

Our Regional Squads help you optimise your ICT investments and ensure that your systems and equipment are running smoothly.

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves on respectfully and positively influencing the diverse social and economic needs of the regions where we and our clients operate.

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