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  • Explore innovative new frontiers
  • Uncover value from core business
  • Build secure scalable foundational technology capabilities

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We thrive as a global digital and education technology solutions provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia

We deliver value to our clients through our transformative digital solutions, since 2015

We partner with public and private clients, locally and internationally of all sizes to realise outstanding digital aspirations

We pride ourselves on respectfully and positively influencing the diverse social and economic needs of the regions where we and our clients operate

Technology Solutions

Explore innovative new frontiers.
Uncover value from core business.
Build secure scalable foundational technology capabilities.

Education Technology Solutions

Partners in innovation through technology that enhances learning and teaching with our comprehensive portfolio of industry leading products and services.


Crystal Delta is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable value solutions to our clients through a combination of products, services and practices. 

Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Highly experienced, expert and pragmatic guidance and advocacy at all stages of successful digital evolution

Product + Software Engineering

Core capability, driven by innovation to enable digital transformation and market adaptation

Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation

Increased investment return from optimisation and performance enhancement

Risk + Compliance + Security

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices for long-term growth, value and sustainability

Data + Information Management

Information effectiveness through technology and business optimisation


Scalable and Well-Architected Solution Delivery

RMIT Online offers a world-class education that delivers work-ready skills and knowledge to transform careers. 

Monolithic Banking Platform Transformed

National Australia Bank is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalisation, earnings and customers.

Unified Platform Delivery

Powerwrap is an unconstrained, next generation wealth management platform used by advisers, wealth managers and brokers.

Our Technology Partner Network



News + Events

AWS PS Summit

We’ve partnered with Apptio Cloudability for the AWS Summit in Canberra to provide a FREE Cloud Optimisation and FinOps Assessment. Discover how organisations of all sizes use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate innovation and drive their missions forward.

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