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Explore new frontiers, uncover value from core business and build secure, scalable digital foundations through our transformative technology solutions.

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SoaringEd is Crystal Delta’s comprehensive portfolio of industry leading education products and services.

We are Crystal Delta

We are a global technology and education solutions company headquartered in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2015.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable value, technology solutions to our clients through a combination of products, services and practices.

We bring our extensive industry experience to every partnership with clients of all sizes, locally and internationally, to realise outstanding digital aspirations.

We are Clearly Different. 

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We help you

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Innovative New Frontiers

To remain competitive, our clients evolve and adapt to ever-changing commercial environments – or risk being left behind. Digital innovation opens new frontiers for product and service diversification. Crystal Delta helps you realise your digital aspirations sooner.

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Value from Core Business

Our clients are the experts in their domains. The full potential of expertise and experience can go untapped, and growth opportunities missed. Digital technology can be harnessed to optimise and automate, derive guiding insight from existing knowledge, and commercially surface existing assets. Crystal Delta’s specialist practices help you unlock the full value of your business.

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Secure, Scalable Foundations

Trusted, high-calibre technology partners underpin Crystal Delta’s delivery of secure, scalable foundational technology capabilities. These capabilities empower our clients to be agile and operate at scale, without compromising quality.

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Our promises

Fundamental to how we help you and how we differentiate ourselves, our promises are what make us Clearly Different:

    • Provide value solutions, not black boxes
    • Show fewer slides, deliver more results
    • Develop partnerships, not lock-in contracts
    • Deliver quality solutions, on time and on budget


Case studies

Case study NAB

Supporting the transformation of a monolithic banking platform

Find out how we helped NAB.
Case study Powerwrap

Improved user experience with the delivery of a unified platform

Find out how we helped Powerwrap.
Case study RMIT Online

Created a scalable and well-architected Digital Learning Platform

Find out how we helped RMIT Online.