Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Highly experienced, expert and pragmatic guidance and advocacy at all stages of successful digital evolution.

 Our clients each have their own set of challenges and opportunities. Crystal Delta offers a range of consulting, strategy and architecture services to help clients achieve their digital aspirations. 

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Our capabilities and expertise

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Business coaching and consulting

Providing Board and Executive strategic advice and guidance to clients on business matters related to strategic planning, digital literacy, change management, data driven decision making, cyber risk and awareness.

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Agile coaching and training

Coaching and training teams on Agile methodologies to help them deliver software quickly, efficiently, and with high quality.

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Quality assurance and testing

Providing quality assurance and testing strategies to ensure that software products meet the client’s requirements and are of high quality. 

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HCD workshops

We offer specialised Human-Centered Design (HCD) problem-solving workshops. 

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Technical consulting

Providing expert advice and guidance to clients on technical matters related to software engineering, such as software development methodologies, best practices, and emerging technologies.

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Architecture design and review

Designing and reviewing software architecture to ensure that it is scalable, flexible, and maintainable, and that it meets the client’s business and technical requirements.

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Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) improvement

Identifying areas for improvement in the client’s software development lifecycle and implementing changes to increase efficiency and quality. 

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ICT strategy and planning

Helping clients to develop an ICT strategy and plan that aligns with their business objectives, incorporates best practices, and utilises emerging technologies.

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Technology roadmapping

Developing a roadmap that outlines the technology and software development initiatives that need to be undertaken to meet the client’s business goals and objectives.

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ICT governance

Developing and implementing ICT governance policies and processes that ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards and mitigate risks associated with software development.

Our approach to Architecture Design

Our architecture strategy is unique. When devising an architecture plan for a given solution, we start with a two-pronged approach:


We take the client’s vision, mission, business drivers and strategic outcomes, evaluate priorities and assign a value-chain score against each; and

Bottom up

We look at the existing technology landscape, team structure and size, and operating models, evaluate capabilities and assign a value-chain score against each. 

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Our clients

We work with a range of clients from a range of industries and regions. We pride ourselves on respectfully and positively influencing the diverse social and economic needs of the regions where we and our clients operate.

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Our Practices

Each technology practice is an amalgamation of specialised core capabilities, governed by standards-based frameworks to ensure transparency, and consistently successful delivery of our digital solutions.

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Platform + Software Engineering

Quality, scalable business-critical technology systems delivered in partnership, to specification, on time and on budget. Learn more

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Consulting + Strategy + Architecture

Highly experienced, expert and pragmatic guidance and advocacy at all stages of successful digital evolution. Learn more

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Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation

Control and visibility of foundational technologies to realise return on investment sooner and reduce the total cost of ownership. Learn more

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Risk + Compliance + Security

Confidence in the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information and technology systems through strongly governed engineering standards and techniques. Learn more

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Data + Insights

Analysis and intelligence from extracting, transforming and retaining business information, flexibly and at scale. Learn more