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FMF Foods


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  • Consulting + Strategy + Architecture
  • Platform + Software Engineering
  • Data + Insight

Transforming operational excellence through actionable business intelligence.

FMF Foods, a pioneer in Fiji’s vibrant food industry, is recognised for manufacturing a diverse array of products, including biscuits, potato chips, Dalo (Taro) and Cassava chips, instant noodles, cardboard cartons, and milling rice and peas.

Facing operational challenges, tied to a monolithic Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) system, sub-optimal information management, and reporting inefficiencies in logistics and inventory management, FMF sought to enhance its operational efficiency. To overcome these hurdles, FMF turned to Crystal Delta’s expertise.

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Crystal Delta responded to FMF Foods’ operational challenges with a holistic solution, showcasing their expertise in consulting, strategy, architecture, platform engineering, software engineering, and data insights.

The key components of this transformative solution included:

  • Architectural Design: Crafting a cutting-edge cloud-based data capability.
  • Data Infrastructure: Establishing a new data warehouse with a robust business data model.
  • Integration Expertise: Seamlessly incorporating a new ETL engine and implementing a dynamic data lake to integrate extensive retail and market data.

This multi-faceted approach unfolded as Crystal Delta leveraged their expertise in:

  • Consulting + Strategy + Architecture: Initiating the project with a thorough consultation, Crystal Delta analysed FMF’s existing systems and formulated a strategic roadmap. The architecture phase involved designing a scalable and efficient cloud-based data capability tailored to FMF’s specific needs.
  • Platform + Software Engineering: During the implementation phase, Crystal Delta’s Platform and Software Engineering teams collaborated seamlessly. They meticulously designed and deployed a new data warehouse featuring a robust business data model. The integration of a new ETL engine and a dynamic data lake ensured the seamless incorporation of extensive retail and market data.
  • Data + Insights: Crystal Delta’s expertise extended to unlocking actionable insights. The team ensured daily synchronisation of relevant data, enhancing accuracy and facilitating informed decision-making. These new data capabilities empowered FMF to harness data’s power for improved business performance.

The pinnacle of the solution was the development of a bespoke web application, a testament to Crystal Delta’s Software Engineering proficiency. This application replaced manual spreadsheet-based processes for landed costing and margin calculations, providing FMF Foods with a streamlined and automated solution.

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The collaboration delivered remarkable outcomes for FMF Foods, demonstrating tangible business value:

  • Drastic reduction in reporting time from weeks to minutes, empowering FMF Foods to accelerate business decisions through intuitive data visualisation.
  • Implementation of a common application with data history, resulting in quicker and more accurate calculations of true material costs and sales margins.
  • Significant enhancements in business performance metrics, including sales analysis, payments, receivables, and inventory management, underscoring the transformative impact on FMF Foods’ operational excellence.

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