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  • Platform + Software Engineering
  • Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation

Growth in emerging markets with a scalable, extensible platform.

iflix is a cloud-based streaming platform, used in South East Asia and Eastern Europe. They had experienced huge growth within their business, growing from 50 to 750 staff within 12 months.

Their streaming platform needed to accommodate millions of users across multiple continents but due to continued growth in emerging markets, they needed a new scalable, extensible platform solution.


Value solution

Crystal Delta delivered: 

  • A cloud-based streaming platform designed to scale to millions of users
  • Built DevOps capability by using the principles of production engineering, site reliability engineering and empowering teams
  • Content delivery was heavily performance optimised at all points in the network flow
  • Developed team plans, recruited iflix staff and training internal teams with a strong focus on culture, empowerment and coaching
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Two people working together pointing at laptop screen


  • Rapid business growth
  • Internal teams were empowered, coached and trained on engineering best practices and lean agile methodologies
  • Achieved 99.9% availability with millions of users
  • A highly scalable and flexible media streaming business which rapidly grew to serve 20 million subscribers across 14 countries and counting

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