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Balaji Baradhazhvar

Balaji Baradhazhvar


Balaji is the CEO of Crystal Delta, he has a knack for blending his broad experience across a variety of business & technology sectors to bring a fresh perspective when navigating complex digital landscapes. Driven by the transparent ethos of “always doing the right thing” he is committed to providing solutions that are human-centred, efficient and engaging for our customers to experience and our technology team to develop. Balaji loves spending time with his family and friends, reading books and the high-pressure stakes of watching sporting finals.

Favourite Quote
Just Do It.

We partner with our customers to unravel complex technology problems with a human-centred approach, focused on quality and delivery. We centre our solutions around your business goals and help you to define clear pathways to navigate your next digital adventure.


Melbourne. Chennai. Aruppukottai.

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