Client Success


Crystal Delta consistently delivers value to our clients through our products, services and practices.

We partner with public and private clients, locally and internationally of all sizes to realise outstanding digital aspirations.


We pride ourselves on respectfully and positively influencing the diverse social and economic needs of the regions where we and our clients operate.


Financial + Insurance Services

Established from the extensive industry experience of our founders, Crystal Delta has forged a lasting, trusted relationship with a range of financial institutions, with a reputation for quality and expertise.

Education + Training


We specialise in education technology offering our clients a comprehensive Mastedly portfolio of flexible solutions to enhance learning and teaching.

Other Industries


Our clients across industries is a testament to the breadth and depth of technology capability and expertise that Crystal Delta brings to different domains.


  • Banking and Finance
  • Australia and Oceania


  • Slow and time-consuming processes for completing Loan applications and approval process – resulting in customer frustrations and cost of operations
  • Monolithic core banking platform no longer meeting business needs
  • Outdated and rigid technology unable to adapt to rapidly changing business and customer landscape
  • Poor customer experience 


  • Designed and developed a modern responsive frontend banker experience backed by micro-services deployed in a multi-cloud environment
  • Re-architecture of origination and credit decision platform for lending products across business and retail customers
  • Leveraged Agile methodologies and adopted a “Build to run” way of working using lean management and DevOps principles

  • Enhanced user experience – uplift in Loan Origination processes; Common Pricing engine and Family Tree capabilities.
  • Digitized documentation streamlining settlement processes 
  • Automated straight through pricing change (from customer through to ledger) for a multiple products 
  • Significantly reduced application processing and approval processes 
  • Benefits of merging fast, flexible “Start-Up” practices with big enterprise structure and due diligence to strengthen modern banking engineering capabilities


  • Financial and Insurance Services
  • Australia and Oceania


Powerwrap’s quality of service and client satisfaction was heavily impacted by a fragmented customer experience, stemming from not owning their infrastructure and instead directly exposing their customers to an array of providers tools and systems, which was identified as a roadblock to a planned IPO.

Crystal Delta implemented a state-of-the-art cloud platform and built a cohesive customer-facing web application to allow real-time access to $9B in managed portfolios and positions, to capturing and manage financial advisers requests, domestic and international trades, managed-funds orders, with an integrated modern tasks management.

The value solution led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and a successful IPO.


  • Software Engineering
  • Integration + APIs
  • Cloud + Infrastructure
  • Automation + Information Management
  • Delivery Enablement

  • Increased market value from proprietary technology infrastructure ownership
  • CSAT and NPS score increased 2-fold
  • Reduced the risk in capturing customer requests and tasks


    “Crystal Delta has been an essential backbone and resource pool in managing our digital transformation for the past 4 years. Thanks to their support, we successfully migrated our core operations to a modern cloud-based client portal, which also included knowledge transfer to in-house teams and coaching. Our dedicated Crystal Delta DevOps team and consultants have become a pillar of our technology strategy.”

    – Chris Naurois, Manager Client Experience, Powerwrap Ltd


    • Education and Training
    • Australia and Oceania​


    • Extend RMIT’s traditional face-to-face learning capabilities to online courses with an internally operated end-to-end Digital Learning Platform (DLP) – enrolment, payment, LMS, student management, assessment and accreditation 
    • Migrate traditional course material to online Learning Management Systems (LMS), and uplift with dynamic and interactive instructional design
    • Integrate with Student Management Systems (SMS) aligned with RMIT’s broader cloud and services-first ICT strategy, and governance policies


    • Product + Software Engineering
    • Integration
    • Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation
    • Automation + Information Management
    • Delivery Enablement

    • Additional revenue streams with a greater international market reachEnhanced Learner Experience – Satisfaction and Success
    • Significant reduction in cost and time to deploy DLP – six weeks​
    • Cloud and service-based highly scalable offerings​
    • 99.9% availability since implementation in 2017​
    • The international Swift developer course as a collaboration between Apple and RMIT in the Asia-Pacific region, was released on the Xen.Ed DLP


    “As true innovators, Crystal Delta focuses on delivering quality outcomes to market, fast.  The results have been exceptional and have been pivotal to RMIT Online’s speed-to-market strategy.” 

    – Helen Souness, former CEO, RMIT Online


    • Built DevOps capability by using principle of production engineering, site reliability engineering and empowering teams
    • Content delivery heavily performance optimized at all points in the network flow
    • Cloud based architecture designed to scale to millions of users, using cloud platforms such as Amazon, Azure and Akamai
    • Developed team plans, recruiting iFlix staff and training internal teams with strong focus on culture, empowerment and coaching


    • Epic growth of teams & people from 50 to 750 staff in 12 months
    • Global scale of millions of users across three continents
    • Video streaming on networks across emerging markets


    • Rapid business growth
    • Empowered internal teams, heavily coached and trained on engineering best practices and lean agile methodologies
    • Scalable, extensible platform solutions
    • Achieved 99.9% availability with millions of users

    Be Clearly Different.