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Optimise cloud spend to fund future investment

Cloud has the potential to deliver significant business and technology benefits for organisations. As such, business leaders expect core organisational and operational efficiencies when implementing cloud technology and anticipate investments in cloud technology to have an impact on future bottom line.

Crystal Delta’s Cloud + Infrastructure Optimisation technology practice, gives business leaders visibility into their technology investment. We optimise your cloud investment and drive business outcomes through refining, re-platforming or refactoring your applications to deliver confidence. Accurately allocate cloud costs, including containers and support charges, to reduce operating costs and giving you more resources to reinvest into future innovation and growth. 

Figure 1: The influence and benefits of undertaking cloud optimisation and potential impact on your cloud spending and cost savings.

Paving the way for innovation

We’re working with Apptio Cloudability for an exclusive and FREE Cloud Optimisation Assessment for the AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra. Discover how organisations of all sizes use FinOps as a framework for managing operational expenditure across the entire organisation. The efficiency of the framework is mutually beneficial to ICT and Finance functions within the organisation since it reduces wasted costs and frees up funds for future investment and growth.

Crystal Delta utilises Apptio Cloudability features such as automated cost optimisation opportunities and custom reporting to support FinOps adoption across an organisation. Our services are tailored to suit the usage requirements and unique needs of organisations. This may include custom roll-out plans, training sessions, targeted reports and long-term cost optimisation recommendations.

Cloud Optimisation Assessment

We help businesses of all sizes increase return on investment through optimisation and performance enhancement

Finance and technology leaders need comprehensive visibility, evaluation, benchmarking and optimisation of their technology investments regardless of the technology stack, delivery, or development model. 

Staying informed of your technology investments by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity and right-sizing services for scalability will help drive business value through cloud investment decisions.

“30% of your cloud annual spending is wasted due to lack of optimisation”

– Gartner research

Discover how we help you capture and allocate your entire cloud program spend.

Refine  – From On-premise to Cloud or from Cloud to Cloud

Provides businesses with early-stage advantages and drives optimisation through the reduction of over-provisioning.

Replatform – From Virtual Hosts to PaaS and SaaS

Replatforming supports updating or migrating your operating systems for significant cost savings and improved performance, rather than lifting & shifting your cloud servers “as is”. 

Refactor – From Integrated Systems to Cloud Native

Delivers the highest returns of performance, flexibility and efficiency. It requires the redesigning of the application to behave more like a cloud-native application


Get a FREE Cloud Optimisation assessment

Our expert engineers will install Cloudability and perform a high-level analysis of a single AWS account to identify improvements and recommend best practices to optimise your cloud resources.

  • Learn cloud best practices
  • Assess cost, performance, and operations
  • Gain insights and recommendations
  • Get next steps and optional implementation